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How to register
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1. To register is easy, simply click on the word register near the top right area of your screen.

Register Button.jpg

2. Fill out the registration form:

Registration Form.gif

Help us serve you better by adding as much contact information as possible. Detailed information in the Property Desired section helps our agents have a better idea of what you are looking for.

3. Click on the word Register. 

A validation email will be sent to your email address containing similar information as the example below, with a verification code. (You will need this code the first time you login only)

Portal Website Address: www.alicedonahue.com
Username: user1
Password: pass931
Verification Code: 0-0000

You are now ready to login for the first time.

1. Click on Login near the top right area of your screen.


2. Enter your User Name, Password and Verification code in the areas provided.


3. Click Login button.

4. You now have the ability to view the extra features on our website!

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