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Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

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A Day in the Life of a Content Marketing Manager at TopRank Marketing
04/25/2017 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
These days, workplace culture is becoming a defining characteristic for most companies—as well as a marketing tool to retain and attract top talent. ...
The Content Assembly Line is Broken
04/25/2017 Content Marketing Institute
Our own little content marketing industrial revolution is happening. We’ve moved the content creation process from the craft workshop to the high-vol...
How Does Your Garden Grow? How to Create and Maintain Evergreen Content
04/24/2017 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
Every good gardener knows there are two types of flowering plants: Annuals and perennials. Annuals bloom once and have to be replanted the next growi...
Account-Based Marketing: What Content Marketers Need to Know
04/24/2017 Content Marketing Institute
Webinar day arrived. Six people attended. A content marketing disaster. Yet, that webinar campaign was the most effective one to influence the deals ...
A Proven Process to Curate and Publish a Roundup of Industry Influencers
04/23/2017 Content Marketing Institute
Have you tried putting together a list of top industry influencers? Curating and publishing this list can create a lot of exposure for your blog. Thi...
Digital Marketing News: Productive Content Teams, Google Shopping & Snap to Store
04/21/2017 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
30 Habits of Highly Productive Content Teams [Infographic] A successful content team needs to work together well, despite several moving...
Connecting the Dots from Brand to Demand
04/19/2017 by Emre Sucu, Matthew Egol, and Edward Landry strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Companies need a more integrated view of what drives consumer choice -- one that isn't tied to one-dimensional demographics or a narrowly defined need...
The Fed raised interest rates. Why are mortgages getting cheaper?
04/14/2017 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
Despite the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates, mortgage rates have dropped to the lowest level this year.
The struggle is real for Millennial homebuyers
04/03/2017 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
Read full story for latest details.
When Robots Miss the Minutiae
03/30/2017 by Daniel Gross strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
As tasks such as ad placement are becoming automated, it's obvious that machines will need to make a huge leap to discern context.
Strategy Talk: What's Wrong with Cross-Selling, Anyway?
03/21/2017 by Ken Favaro strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Your strategy should turn customers into "cross-buyers" of your products and services.
Productise for Business, Profit and Productivity
12/09/2016 Chris Garrett on New Media
Consulting and coaching businesses are great because you get a deep connection with your customers, their problems and goals, plus you can start quick...
10 Months to 10,000 Page Views Per Month
11/30/2016 Chris Garrett on New Media
How long does it take a new site, in a new niche to get to 10,000 monthly page views? Turns out it can take 10 months, without taking much of your tim...
Home Equity Wealth Makes a Comeback
11/17/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
Home prices have risen significantly throughout the nation since the trough in the housing cycle.  Through August 2016, the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller...
A Walk Down Memory Lane: Thoughts on HPIs and Financial Indexes as The Dow Celebrates Its 120th Birthday
09/26/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
On May 26th, 2016, the granddaddy of all equity indexes—the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)—turned 120.  The 30 blue-chip companies that comprise ...
B2B Content Marketing Needed to Support Account-Based Marketing
09/12/2016 Social Media B2B
Marketing for B2B companies always seems to go through cycles where there is a trend that takes over everyone’s life for a while, until it is replaced...
Party like its 2007
07/22/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
House sales and prices are rising.  Home sales in June were 5.57 million at annual rates, the highest since February 2007 when national home prices pe...
Pondering Snapchat As The Next Place to Be for B2B
07/07/2016 Social Media B2B
I started thinking about this post, or pondering Snapchat for B2B as I said in the headline, about six months ago when I saw an article by Gary Vayner...
5 Ways to Get Started in B2B Content Marketing
06/20/2016 Social Media B2B
I was recently talking to the marketing team at a B2B enterprise company about content marketing. With all the conversation about content marketing ov...
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