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Assetmaximizer by 1stOnlineRealty is a web application solution that provides Content Management (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Integrated Internet Marketing (SEM/SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Marketing and Voice over IP (VOIP) integration.

With Analytic Dashboards that provides a comprehensive view of your entire online operations and marketing, we can help your organization become 1st Online in your industry.

We've made Content Management simple with a framework developed from years of user experience research and development and which has led to one of the most significant developments for web applications on the internet.

Our framework is tailored for your organization using specific modules we've developed for various industries such as real estate, e-commerce, news and events; as well as, modules available from third party developers. Every module has simple "edit content" features. More complex modules such as e-commerce or blog publishing are guided so intuitively you could literally assign a login to any member of your staff, give them a job to do, and they could figure it out for themselves.

Beyond making compelling and powerful website applications, we have developed an administrator interface that end-users can use from day one, without extensive training or IT experience . With little technical knowledge you can control your site. We've done all the work. Everything is built in and automated from analytic dashboards to design rules.

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InternetMarketingPeople.jpgThe primary goal of our internet marketing efforts is to bring potential buyers and sellers to your web site.

Once there the strength of our property search, real estate information, and instant communication channels will keep them on the site and keep them coming back.

Strong and effective internet marketing begins with researching your local market conditions to find out how your future clients are finding real estate there and what your competitors are doing - both local and nation wide.

The search for real estate information using the internet is how your most important clients are going to find you.

They usually start by going to one of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo or MSN and entering a keyword phrase such as "Your City Real Estate" or "Property for Sale City Nickname". You must be on that 1st page and better yet, within the top half of that page to get noticed. The second most frequent method used to find you is from local city information sites where you must be prominently featured in the real estate sections. The third most popular way they will find you is from property listings and advertisements on national real estate sites.

We are certified internet marketing experts and will apply a proven set of search engine optimization techniques and paid advertising to get visitors to your site. This requires a continuing effort of design, measurement and followup actions which gain traction and improve over time.

To be effective, these efforts cannot stand alone and require complete integration with the web site technology and real estate information content. To be usable and affordable for a typical brokerage, this type of integration needs to be designed into all aspects of the product.

FrameWork.gifWe have implemented a feature set for real estate information seekers that is superior to anything on the market today.

Once customers find your site they will consider it their new home for real estate information in your local area and there are many features to keep them coming back allowing you to build trust, leads and finally sales.

In addition to the many property search and price tracking features available to your customers, the technology provides for a continuous flow of fresh real estate information automatically formatted for the application; as well as, for the special requirements and notifications of the search engines and internet marketing efforts.

The modular design of our application allows for the entire look and feel to be changed as needed through a concept called skins - where the presentation of the information is separate from the layout and display characteristics such as fonts and colors. In addition, individual feature modules can be improved, modified or replaced as market conditions change or as needed for customer specific requirements. This allows our product to easily adapt to changing technologies or business needs.

Our products are built on the same industrial strength Microsoft technologies that power their entire corporation and many of the fortune 500 including: the Windows Server 2003 operating system, the ASP.NET web application framework, and the SQL Server database. Our servers are deployed in the award winning Aplus.net data center and ensure your application will perform under any load conditions and reliably 24 hrs a day.

ContentCreationPeople.jpg We have taken content management for the real estate broker to the next level rivaling features found only in the most sophisticated web site operations.

The entire content of the site is editable through the use of assigned security roles with version history and scheduled display times.

All the features of the product are integrated so there is minimal interference with your day to day operations. The MLS and news updates function automatically and the system responds immediately to all client requests. You will then be notified by email which can also be delivered to a hand held device so the entire system could be operated by one person brokerage.

MLS content features as presented to your clients include:
  • real time property alerts - be the first to know when a new listing enters the system that matches you search criteria.
  • price tracking alerts - know when a property's price changes including the amount and date of each price reduction.
  • view similar homes - see similar homes based on the 'customers who viewed this also viewed' technique made popular by amazon.com.
  • research sales history - know what other properties actually sold for to help determine how much you should offer.
  • view market statistics - see the interest in our market and actual sales broken down by the city, price range, property type, buyer's city and more!
  • integrated mapping - see where the property is located and how to get there.
  • innovative search tools - tools that give you a better idea of what's available.
  • property eBooks - download a personalized PDF of properties to view and print anywhere anytime.
  • my properties - manage a list of your favorite properties.

LeadManagementPerson.jpgOur system would not be complete without powerful yet easy to use lead management and office automation features.

Leads can be assigned to agents who can manage all aspects of client communications with automated followup reminders and past due reports.

New property listing and price alerts can be entered letting the system tell you when to contact clients the instant what they desire becomes available.

All client communications are ready accessible including property alerts, MLS inquires, eBook requests, home valuation requests, news letters, email history and the client's favorite "my properties".

We have also included property management features such as project and expense tracking with client billing, work order tracking with client web access and document management with check-in check-out alerts; as well as, a variety of community building features.

A successful site should build a community of loyal visitors. Internet users like to feel part of a community of people with the same interests, to discuss their favorite subjects, and to ask questions and reply to those of others.

Your new lead management and office automation system will help ensure timely and reliable client communications where you don't miss a thing and to where you continually build trust and take your customer service to the next level.

AnalysisPeople.jpgThe analysis features of our product benefit the most from complete integration which includes every aspect of site operations and internet activities including all search engine related interactions.

We track everything and build a data warehouse of statistics and distill the information into summary tables, charts and graphs which highlight the important criteria you need to make sound business decisions and make adjustments to your approach to your local real estate market, advertising, lead handling and property management activities.


We also make recommendations for you based on our analysis of your data and with complete confidence because we are not working with your competitors.

Once armed with this level of market intelligence you will wonder how you ever operated without it.

Our recipe for winning the online listings battle is to offer your customers the very best features for finding property and related information, and by analyzing their behavior and market behavior to enable you to offer the type of advice that drives leads into sales.

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